Habersham Medical Center to Join HP2 Network

By: Lindsey Dover  |  02/20/19


Habersham Medical Center (HMC) is taking the next step to continue improving patient care and reducing costs by joining a “clinically integrated network” called HP2.  The HP2 network is a group of insurers, hospitals and more than 480 providers from dozens of practices in Habersham County and the surrounding region who work together to better coordinate the care patients receive – which in turn reduces the risk of medical errors, duplicate services and other factors that can increase costs for patients and all involved with their care.

The Habersham County Hospital Authority voted to sign the HP2 participation agreement during its meeting Tuesday night.  The move also aligns HMC more closely with Northeast Georgia Health System (NGHS), which is a founding member of HP2.

“Participating in HP2 and a relationship with Northeast Georgia Health System will give Habersham Medical Center access to select value-based contracts to improve the patient experience,” says Lynn Boggs, HMC CEO.  “Our patients will benefit from tracking and continuously improving healthcare outcomes with focused coordination between providers, which will reduce the overall cost of healthcare services and provide for a healthier community.”

Joining HP2 also creates an opportunity for HMC to apply to join the Northeast Georgia Health Partners’ Accountable Care Organization (ACO) in 2020.  Participation in HP2 and its parent network, along with the ACO, would touch more than 90,000 covered lives in the region.

The ACO is very similar to HP2, but it specifically focuses on improving outcomes and reducing costs for Medicare patients.  The ACO and HP2 are both based on the concept of population health management – which focuses on shifting the traditional healthcare model of providers and hospitals getting paid for the volume of their services, and moving toward a model that restructures payments to providers and hospitals for keeping healthcare costs down and meeting quality benchmarks.

Stacy Hall, Chairperson of the HMC, states, “This is a positive step forward not only for HMC, but more so for the folks we serve.  By joining the HP2 network, and subsequently Northeast Georgia Health Partner’s clinically integrated network, HMC will be able to leverage additional resources to provide better care more efficiently.”

For additional information, please contact Ellen Spencer, HMC’s Manager of Marketing, at 706-7543113, ex. 1112.