Pharmacy Manager

Position: Pharmacy Manager

Department: Pharmacy

Status: Full-time

Job Description: The Pharmacy Manager is the responsible and accountable pharmacist charged with the duty of organizing and providing pharmaceutical services to all hospital services and disciplines.  The Pharmacy Manager shall be responsible for all activities relating to the pharmacy.  If the Pharmacy Manager is absent and/or unavailable, the on-duty pharmacist or on-call pharmacist shall be responsible for performing the essential activities and emergency duties if required.  The Pharmacy Manager serves as staff pharmacist as needed. The Pharmacy Manager establishes and integrates service internally and intra-departmentally.  The Pharmacy Manager assures work assignments are according to established policy and according to individual ability, cooperatively works with other departments to problem solve and addresses the needs of department’s internal and external customers as they arise. The Pharmacy Manager is responsible for managing the daily operations of the Pharmacy, as well as the devising, implementation, and oversight of projects pertinent to the Pharmacy Department.

Licensure or other Certifications: Current Georgia Board of Pharmacy Licensure

Experience: 3 to 5 years as a licensed pharmacist, with 1 to 3 years in supervisory position; hospital pharmacy preferred.