Habersham Medical Center Campus to be Smoke-Free beginning January 1, 2015

DEMOREST, Ga. – On January 1, 2015, Habersham Medical Center will become a smoke-free and tobacco-free campus.

According to Jerry Wise, president of Habersham Medical Center, “Most hospitals in our area are already designated as smoke-free campuses which means smoking, and the use of all tobacco products, is prohibited anywhere on the hospital grounds.”

“This initiative will provide a healthier, safer and cleaner environment for our patients, visitors and employees,” says Wise.  “Even if you don’t smoke, the consequences of second-hand smoke from those who do can cause many chronic disorders including coronary heart disease, stroke and cancer, so we have to take the necessary steps to protect everyone’s overall health.”

Habersham Medical Center is offering a smoking cessation program for employees who are smokers.  Wise states, “We realize that it may be difficult for our employees who are trying to quit smoking, but we will make sure they have the resources they need during the transition to a smoke-free campus.”

The medical center will also offer patients who smoke with a list of available resources to quit and inpatients will be treated for their tobacco addiction during their hospital stay.

“We look forward to everyone’s support and cooperation as we move towards a smoke-free campus at Habersham Medical Center,” concludes Wise.