Habersham Medical Center is a not-for-profit primary acute care hospital. We provide a wide range of inpatient and outpatient services, including obstetrics, to residents of Habersham County and surrounding counties. To meet the financial obligations of our facility, and comply with local, state and federal laws, the following policies and practices are in place:

Habersham Medical Center will file claims for Medicare, Medicaid (GA), Blue Cross, Commercial, CHAMPUS, Workers’ Compensation, and auto/accident liability. To correctly file your claim, you must present accurate insurance information at the time of registration. It is the responsibility of the patient, guarantor, or legal representative to know if your insurance participates with Habersham Medical Center. Charges quoted at the time of service are estimates only and may not be exact. If you receive services out-of-network, you will be held liable for payment. It normally takes insurance 45 days to process your claim and pay Habersham Medical Center. If Habersham Medical Center does not receive payment within that time, we ask that you contact your insurance company. Ultimately, it is the patient’s, guarantors or legal representative’s responsibility to pay for services rendered.

Insurance Verification, Pre-certification, Co-Payment and Co-insurances
Habersham Medical Center verifies benefits, co-payments and co-insurances for all inpatient services and many outpatient services. Co-payments and co-insurances are expected at the time of service. If pre-certification is required by your insurance company for the services that you receive, Habersham Medical Center will attempt to obtain it for you. If pre-certification has not been obtained but is required, you may be asked to sign a liability waiver before services are rendered. Ultimately, it is the patient's, guarantors, or legal representative's responsibility to inquire about and obtain pre-certification.

Non-covered Services or Charges
It is the patient's, guarantor's or legal representative's responsibility to be familiar with their health plan and any services or charges that may not be covered by insurance. Please be advised that Medicare will not cover tests that are not medically necessary, drugs that can be self-administered, or non-emergent ambulance services. Non-covered charges will be the patient's liability. Private-room difference ($10) is the patient's responsibility unless ordered by the physician as medically necessary.

Non-emergent, elective and cosmetic procedures
Payment is expected at the time of service for all non-emergent and elective procedures. Cosmetic procedures require pre-payment.

Separate Bills
You will receive a separate bill from: Gainesville Radiology Group, PC, Total Care Anesthesia, Habersham County EMS (Ambulance), 24 On Physicians PC/Incompass Healthcare, and Gainesville Regional Pathology Associates.

Financial Assistance
Habersham Medical Center offers a financial assistance program based on family size and verified household income.

Financial Application

Financial Application Instructions