William “Will” Webb, an occupational therapist at Habersham Medical Center Rehabilitation Services, recently earned an advanced certification in Lymphedema Therapy through the Academy of Lymphatic Studies.  

According to the Academy of Lymphatic Studies, lymphedema is an accumulation of excessive fluids in superficial tissues that causes recurrent or progressive swelling of the arms or legs.  This condition is caused by trauma to the lymphatic system from surgery or injury or from malformation of the lymphatic system.  

Typical lymphedema intervention or therapy includes:

  • manual compression
  • lymphatic massage
  • compression garments or bandaging
  • skin care to limit open sores or wounds

The HMC Rehabilitation Services offers lymphedema therapy in its outpatient clinic.  For more information or for an appointment, email tellus@hcmcmed.org or call 706-764-0029.